5-9 SEPTEMBER 2020

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From the very first civilisations to the very last, gold has been the conveyor of the material and spiritual values of humanity thanks to its durability and its suitability to craftsmanship.  From Mesopotamian civilisations to Greco-Roman civilisations, from China to the American continent, gold has been recognised as the common economic unit of humanity, and with it malleability it has been used to reflect aesthetically the cultural riches and values presented by the history of humanity.

Having been aware of the place of gold jewellery in the history, Diva Jewellery set out with its experienced crew in the jewellery sector of Turkey in order to combine innovation and genuineness with experience and accumulation of the know-how in 1998. In its early years, Diva Jewellery has gained its reputation first in Anatolia, then in all over Turkey as one of the leading companies in the sector by feeding the market with original gold ring designs. Later on, it expanded its product range with earring, bracelet, mini-set and pearl designs.

By inaugurating in 2004 its manufacturing complex in Güneşli, Istanbul, Diva Jewellery augmented its reproduction capacity for the products developed with active observation of the global trends and application of the new productive technologies.  In order to provide a better service to its customers, Diva Jewellery opened in 2006 a showroom in Cağaloğlu, the centre of the jewellery sector in Turkey.

Diva Jewellery started to occupy a place in the diamond sector with its products certified with the signature of ‘Diva Pırlanta’ (‘Diva Diamond’) in 2006 based on the trainings, research and expertise on the subject of diamond over two years. By opening the online store www.divapirlanta.com, it provided the jewellery consumers with a trustworthy and good-quality service.

In the last few years, Diva Jewellery has taken significant steps in the export-import field of the sector and has been procuring services based on qualified communication and trust to the leading wholesalers from North America to Europe and the Far East.



To respond perfectly to the aesthetic demands of the customers with designs coalescing the historical and cultural accumulations of humanity with the contemporary technologies of production; to present a value to the society and the world with the principles promoted within the company.


To be the leading jewellery brand nationally and internationally with its governance based on intercommunication with its labourers, with its principles founded on the ethics of social justice and environmental awareness, with its adaptability to the changing conditions focused firmly on the developments in the sector and the world, and with its reputation in quality based service and trustworthiness.



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